GTT Notes for November, 2016: Online Banking


Getting Together with Technology Group Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Theme: Online Accessible Banking


Introductions and Technology update

Jason Fayre started the meeting.

Jason wanted to make people aware that the Roku devices, which are similar to the Apple TV, now have accessibility built-in as of software version 7.5. More information can be found at:

He then opened the floor to questions.


Yin Brown had questions about the new iOS 10 constantly asking for wireless networks on her iPhone

To correct this, go to Wifi settings on the iPhone. At the bottom of the screen, there is a setting called ‘ask to join networks.” Turn this off.

Ian White had questions regarding compatibility of NVDA with Office 2016 on his computer. Jason Fayre said there’s a difference between outright buying and subscribing. (You get updates with subscriptions)


Jason introduced Monica from Scotia Bank.


Scotia Bank Introductions

Monica, Ryland, Canna, Richard


Monica described different facets of Scotia’s Accessibility efforts including:

– the website having the customer service Accessibility policy posted

-HR related teams to ensure employees have accessible internal apps

-web accessibility team

Scotia offers several products including Braille statements, and is currently working on other formats like large print and accessible PDF’s.


Scotia is committed to Accessibility there are high level (executive) meetings on sharing accessibility knowledge. They’ve also made it very easy to provide feedback with their easy to remember email address listed below:



Ryland Demonstrates Scotia’s Online Banking Experience


Logging in

-Website is setup so that when each page loads action messages are displayed and announced (with JAWS) first before anything else. For example if login fails because of a typo the system will announce the login was not successful when the page loads.

-Scotia’s interface contains several security features including if you are banking from public computers


Account Summary Page

Using “h” to browse” the headings you can tell there is a feature to close the tables, which means there’s tables.

Use “T” for table to view the various tables.

Use “control+alt+any arrow key” to navigate the table with the table headers reading.

There will be different tables on the page, depending on what types of accounts you hold.

The timeout is not changeable and is set to 10 minutes.

If the system times out and you log back in, the system will resume to the view you were viewing before the timeout.


Accounts Detail Page


transaction search option

Sortable ascending and descending table headers


Bill Payments

Filters for searching what you’ve paid

Show/hide options


“Insert F1” It is not exactly done yet but it gives you information as to where you are and what you’re looking at

Yin asking questions about CAPTCHA verification- Scotia does not use this and instead uses an “Access Code”


Debbie- how much time for reversing a bill pay-Monica answers (don’t quite recall)


Scotia has mobile apps with features including taking a picture of the check for deposits, however accessibility efforts are ongoing.

the iOS app has some buttons which are not labeled however the Android version is still being developed.


Scotia has a new generation of ATM’s coming which will have voice over and options for numeration of cash.



What happens if ATM out of money, message on screen is read out

Feature of online banking to have text messages sent to you for various reasons. (all transactions or thresholds for currency or locale)


Why not online banking?

Scotia asked the question, if people aren’t using online banking, why not?

-inherent fear of easy mistake leading to big problems (incorrect number of zeros for example)

-Have to go to the branch for other items, so no need for online banking

-concept of being and feeling more independent when online banking can view your own expenses, accounts etc.




AEBC Meeting this Saturday

International Global Accessibility Day-December 3rd, join us at Metro Hall,

shane Davidson is selling the Speed Dots screen protectors for iPhone.

For information, email:

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